The Chesil Sailing Trust

The Chesil Sailing Trust is a charity that enables young, disadvantaged or disabled people to start or participate in sailing or windsurfing. If you can support CST with a donation, your generosity will continue to encourage and inspire people, many from disadvantaged backgrounds. CST’s grants support a variety of sailing-related activities from the popular Sail for a Fiver scheme to special projects such as working with London schools to give inner-city children the opportunity to sail.

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The Chesil Trust is a Dorset-based sailing charity

Providing Opportunities

Funded entirely by donations, Chesil Sailing Trust provides grants for young or disabled people to experience a new opportunity on the water.

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Maintaining a Legacy

Sail for a Fiver gives young people a half-day taster sailing session for just £5. To date, almost 20,000 children have participated in the scheme.

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Changing Lives

With the aim of providing opportunities for young people and disabled people of all ages, Chesil Sailing Trust’s grants help improve lives.

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